We made the digitization of the Atlas of China by Michele Ruggieri using a Metis DRS 2A0 scanner, at 300 ppi and 24-bit color; images of maps and manuscript descriptions are compressed in a JPEG 2000 format as well as the others images available on the IMAGO online service at the State Archive of Rome.

These papers, that were just available in digital format on the IMAGO website, are now accessible in the same logic order in which were published in the critic edition Atlante della Cina di Michele Ruggieri, a cura di Eugenio Lo Sardo (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, Roma 1993.

In addition, the transcriptions of the manuscript descriptions from the edition mentioned above are now available online. We digitized the book pages at 400 ppi with a Metis DRS A1book scanner, and then we compressed the images in the PDF and DJVU formats that the users can access. Our choice was to use the common use format PDF together with a DJVU version, providing the possibility of a good textual search because of the OCR (optical character recognition) embedded in it.